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    NFL Broadcasting Guide

    I want to say Dr. Z used to write this each season, but Deitsch gives a solid breakdown of the state of and changes to the five main NFL broadcast teams CBS, FOX, ESPN, NBC and NFLN. It's a good read with some subtle shots mixed in and really good interview questions (he comes close to grilling Gruden about his love for every single NFL player). Some thoughts:

    • I'm most interested in seeing and hearing Bill Parcells' voice on Monday Night Countdown (finally, someone not named Tom Jackson worth paying attention to on that production).

    • NBC is adding an in-game segment called Crossing the Line where they looks at a series of plays from the defense's perspective. I have no doubt that we Ravens fans will welcome the addition.

    • Buried in the FOX section is a link to a story about Joe Buck's vocal issues. This was news to me and, as the play-by-play man on my favorite broadcast team, I hope his recovery continues.
    • I am hoping Tony Dungy continues to settle into a comfort zone on NBC pregame. It was funny to hear him say that his comfort level in his first season was a 5...on a scale of 100!

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    Re: NFL Broadcasting Guide

    Dungy is having a tough time developing the fake personality that he needs for TV. He's just too genuine for the job.
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    Re: NFL Broadcasting Guide

    Here's a site I like to see whose getting which game/crew:


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