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Thread: Gamblers Lock?

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    Gamblers Lock?

    Listening to the Ben Mailer Fox Radio Show overnight during the storm, a caller advised he does one bet a year -he calls it a lock.

    The bets against the loser of the prevlous year's Super Bowl, and that last was -yes those stinkin' Steelers. So faster than Big Ben penny pinching those tips, this guy bets the house, and he'd put $$$ on the Ravens.

    Callers were texting in that 11 out of the last 15 years that it was true that
    the SuperBowl loser did lose, but this was without taking the point spread into account.

    Don't know if there any way of checking point spreads, to see the accuracy of this claim.

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    So far, so good. Maybe a site like or another gambling-related site would have past betting lines to validate this claim?


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