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    Re: Steelers at Ravens: Predict the score

    So hard to nail this one down. Gone from Ravens blowout win to Ravens blowout loss to close win or loss and back again lol.

    Anyway think the O-Line will surprise us all. I think Leech is about to show us why he got that fat contract to be Joe's personal protector and blast holes for Rice. I think Harrison, Woodley and company are gonna find this team is built to block some of their mojo. On defense the will be a little faster and able to get more pressure on Ben.

    So my prediction is a shockingly easy Ravens win.

    Ravens 24
    Steelers 13


    Wooohooo WTG Ravens....Told ya that O-Line would represent. Lets just follow up with another dominating win
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    Re: Steelers at Ravens: Predict the score

    Historically a low scoring game. Both offenses struggle. Unless the Ravens change their MO, the stealers will find a way to pull off the one big play that seals the game late in the 4th qtr. with an assist from the zebras. Hope I am wrong.
    Stealers 17
    Ravens 10
    .....Support Our Warriors.....

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    Re: Steelers at Ravens: Predict the score

    I previously posted a classic negative Steeler fan post about my predictions for the game and the Ravens season (34-6 Steelers, 5-11 Ravens) and insults were included. I apologize for misleading you and I would like to inform Mista T and the rest of you that was not my real prediction and I was testing some of you to see if you would take the bait. My other posts on this board are not a reflection of how I truly feel about the 2011 Ravens. I want to encourage you not to let some of the immature Steeler fans and the media affect how you see your team. There has been a lot of talk about the psychological edge the Steelers have over the Ravens and I believe that the Ravens need to overcome that once and for all. I also believe that Ravens fans need to overcome that as well instead of displaying a defeatist attitude. It is my belief that you should just believe in your team and not be afraid to pick them to beat the Steelers and win the division. Here is my real and honest assessment of the 2011 Ravens and I assure you I am not here to play games:

    12-4 5-1 within the AFC North and AFC North Champions for 2011.
    Steelers finish second with an 11-5 record.

    My prediction for the game:

    Steelers 16
    Ravens 27

    I believe that the Ravens will be the hungrier team this year since it seems that people are writing them off far as the division is concerned. I am aware of the issues that your team has (OLine) but I believe that the more people talk up these issues the less likely they actually become issues when the season starts. I am a true Steeler fan through and through and I just humbled myself by picking your team to win Week 1 and the division. I have no ulterior motives so I hope that I have encouraged some of you who have doubts to take a leap and go with the Ravens all the way this year. I love my Steelers and I love how Ben has taken his game to a new level so far this preseason but it seems like they are little more cocky than what I've seen in the past. Ryan Clark came out and said that the Ravens and Steelers aren't real rivals based on the Steelers recent success, I really wish he would have kept his mouth shut since the games have been epic which indicates a rivalry by my standards. It seems like some of the players and the experts are kind of throwing the Steelers success in the Ravens faces and that can be a little dangerous. The Ravens aren't talking as much as they have in the past (I remember Suggs' shirt prior to the 2009 season) which also makes me nervous because that tells me they are quietly planning their attack on the rest of the NFL LOL. So in closing I want you gentlemen to have faith in your team this year and don't be afraid of the Steelers. Your team has a major chip on its shoulder and that's not good for the other teams. I wish you good luck and I apologize again for misleading you with my previous posts on this thread and other threads on this board.

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    Re: Steelers at Ravens: Predict the score

    TBH, I am a little surprised that the Ravens are a 2.5 point favorite.

    Hopefully we can pull off the win but I'm nervous.

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    Re: Steelers at Ravens: Predict the score

    Quote Originally Posted by APerfect10 View Post
    TBH, I am a little surprised that the Ravens are a 2.5 point favorite.

    Hopefully we can pull off the win but I'm nervous.
    I am a long time Steelers fan and the Steelers have looked really good this preseason and I still picked them to lose Week 1 and to finish second in the division. I really don't think you should be that nervous, trust me.

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    Re: Steelers at Ravens: Predict the score

    Steelers 27
    Ravens 17

    I will entertain the notion of the Ravens winning one of these big games against the Steelers (and at least as far as the Ravens are concerned, this is a big game) when they actually do it.

    Until then, I'm not buying it.
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    Re: Steelers at Ravens: Predict the score

    I was very, very scared of this game when first announced. Going into Baltimore Week 1 and starting off the season with a gut-check atmosphere has a lot of anxiety to go with it, which is what football is all about.

    I initially predicted a Steelers loss when the schedule came out but LOVED what the Steelers did in the off-season and how they looked overall in the pre-season, even with depth stepping up and owning teams' starting units.

    I don't think Baltimore is going to fluidly and consistently be dominant this season. They are still trying to find their own identity on offense and their passing defense is still suspect & can be takin' advantage of.

    The Steelers defense is still as stout as ever, especially in the running game and Troy is going to be 100% healthy to start the season.

    The X-factor here is both offense's.

    The Steelers CAN and will beat teams this year offensively and I think this game is going to be more wide open than people think. Ben will pass heavily to open up Mendenhall, which never could of did in years past. I don't think Baltimore's offense would be able to close the gap late with Pittsburgh's offense clicking on more cylinders than usual. Maybe the Steelers will use more no huddle in this one, on the road.

    Ben will throw 2 TD pass's. One to Ward in the redzone and one to Wallace deep.
    Mendenhall will add a second half touchdown on the ground with Shuisham kicking a late field goal to seal it.

    Baltimore's defense will keep it close early but their offense will stall the majority of the game, opening up Ben to get into rhythm. Rice will get a touchdown to keep Balty in a tight game being a workhorse that he is but the Steelers defense forces 2 turnovers that puts Balty in the hole.

    24-10 Pittsburgh.
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    Re: Steelers at Ravens: Predict the score

    I think the Ravens o-line is going to have trouble with the Steelers pass rush. I think this will be a 10 point loss for the good guys.


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    Re: Steelers at Ravens: Predict the score

    Steelers - 27
    Ravens - 16

    Sorry. Just don't see a good start to the season.

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    Re: Steelers at Ravens: Predict the score

    unfortunately i think we became a worse team this offseason. maybe we'll jell and get better as the season goes on (specifically the o-line) but it's not gonna happen week one and especially not against the steelers. because the second game is in pitt, i see us getting swept this year. if the games were the other way around, i would give the ravens the edge in baltimore week 9 but, as i see it, they wont be ready week 1

    steelers 20
    ravens 14

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    Re: Steelers at Ravens: Predict the score

    34 Ravens
    24 Steelers

    Ben will try to take advantage of CB Smitty and will get bit by the rookie. A new day is dawning in the AFC North.

    Yes, this is my heart talking and my brain will remain inebriated until Sunday night!!!
    After 5 years of early exits, the journey is finally complete.

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    Re: Steelers at Ravens: Predict the score

    Ravens 30
    Steelers 24

    The 13-10 days of this rivalry get put on hold this year. Lets goooooooooooooo!


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