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    CIA demands cuts in book about 911

    A former Arab speaking CIA agent, Ali Soufan who was a counter terrorist agent from
    1997-2005 wrote a book which says the CIA knew about to future hijackers living in
    California and missed the chance to stop 911 but withheld info from the FBI. He also
    mentioned the torture techniques that they used and claimed they were unproductive
    at that time.

    I posted a thread earlier in the year about Jesse Ventura, former Navy Seal,
    mayor, guv of Minn and pro wrestler being on CNN about his book which
    he claims has documents that the gov't knew about the terrorists. he said
    it is just fishy that someone living in a cave could do what the Russians
    could do in 45 years - bomb the US.

    BTW, the host really grilled Ventura who got a little hot but when he had
    Lopez, the famous actor/comedian on, he handled him with kid gloves
    and said lets get your views on politics. He asked him some soft
    questions about his divorce.

    It wouldn't be the first time CIA withheld info from the FBI.

    Is there something to all this?

    The agency has told the author and his atty the do not want the book published
    so they go to the Times.
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    Re: CIA demands cuts in book about 911

    Here's Jesse writing and discussing it before the agent did.


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