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    Re: "Battle of the Beltways" Game Thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by StingerNLG View Post
    Don't. Just don't. Back off right now.
    "A lot" is a two word expression denoting a great deal or greatly, as in "I like sunshine a lot." "Alot" is a lovable imaginary grammar monster. You can love a lot; you can love an alot; you can love alots a lot; but they are not the same thing.

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    Re: "Battle of the Beltways" Game Thread.

    David Reed made that tweener in the end zone!

    Can we just start the Cult of David Reed right now?
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    Re: "Battle of the Beltways" Game Thread.

    Would love to see a deep shot here. But it'll probably a 10 yard curl again.

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    Re: "Battle of the Beltways" Game Thread.

    Well, the best thing about that quarter was it ending.

    Come on guys get it in gear

  5. Re: "Battle of the Beltways" Game Thread.

    These are the plays. Don't think for a second that Cam has something up his sleeve for the regular season. We've been watching this same thing for four years.

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    Re: "Battle of the Beltways" Game Thread.

    Gruden stated Joe looks a little confused as to the way the D is showing him different looks.
    Wasn't that stated last week ?
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    Re: "Battle of the Beltways" Game Thread.

    Practically every time Bodin motions toward the QB before the play, the play is a run. I have noticed this all season.

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    Re: "Battle of the Beltways" Game Thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by MachineJerk View Post
    You have a problem too? I am really not in the mood to have my fandom or the fandom of other posters here questioned or challenged.

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    Re: "Battle of the Beltways" Game Thread.

    You guys are acting crazy. The offense has a make shift line...this isn't the O-Line that will be in there vs. Pitts. At least 2-3 guys will be replaced. THAT is why the offense looks out of sync. Plus these guys have had around 3 weeks practice with different players in and out.

  10. Re: "Battle of the Beltways" Game Thread.

    We need Yanda

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    Sting, when fans call the team sickening, disgusting, etc... They should consider finding something new to do.

    I find the Orioles disgusting so I don't watch their games and only go to games that someone gives me free tickets too. And then I don't care one way or the other who wins, I just enjoy spending an afternoon in the sun.

    If watching this team makes one feel sick, logically they should stop watching.

    The fans booing the home team on he preseason should go home too.
    My motto was always to keep swinging. Whether I was in a slump or feeling badly or having trouble off the field, the only thing to do was keep swinging. -Hank Aaron

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    Re: "Battle of the Beltways" Game Thread.

    Our blitz pickups are horrible.


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