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    Art Donovan's 1958 Championship Ring Returned

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    Re: Art Donovan's 1958 Championship Ring Returned

    Moderation has been wildly heavy handed around here as of late. Over moderation kills message boards.
    "A lot" is a two word expression denoting a great deal or greatly, as in "I like sunshine a lot." "Alot" is a lovable imaginary grammar monster. You can love a lot; you can love an alot; you can love alots a lot; but they are not the same thing.

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    Re: Art Donovan's 1958 Championship Ring Returned

    Quote Originally Posted by Raven Nurse View Post
    Mods need to slow down on the moving threads. Tjis was a good thread that should have stayed on the main posting site. Screw the rules.....Artie was a big part of our football history and a really nice guy
    Bubba Smith's thread got moved here also and instantly died.
    I believe John Mackey's thread got moved also, or at least i couldn't find it.

    I'm cool with this sites rules. The mods seem pretty fair. It's just that most posters do not look at anything other than the Ravens forum, so some very good threads get sent here and almost immediately die. Right now there's over 200 people viewing the Ravens forum and only 4 are viewing this one. There's is a lot of pertinent news around the league, but if it gets discussed at all, it dies here.
    If you break the rules you can't make the rules.
    - Remove Coach Tomlin from the NFL Competition committee.


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