when are they gonna get rid of that worthless flacco. or are they gonna let him lose another season for us. i feel sorry for the defense, those guys bust their buts to get the ball and every time flacco cant do a thing with it. i doint blame the defense if they walked off the field.they do a great job, but for what. we need a good q-back.flacco doint got it. his salary has gone to his head. and everyone telling him hes so great. hes just as bad this year as last. this is gonna make the games very boring and depressing.he doesnt even look like a pro q-back when hes out there.this has been a bad decade first flacco then Obama, whats next. someone please get us a good q-back before the season is out. the ravens could go to the Superbowl if not for flacco.please.i wanna enjoy football again.