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    Re: OT: Terrelle Pryor Ruling

    Let's see. AJ Green was suspended for 4 games for selling his OWN jersey. He violated NCAA rules. Yet he was eligible for the draft...I wonder why? Maybe because he was a top 5 pick and the NFL didn't want to hurt their next big money maker...

    The NFL should NOT punish players for something that happened in a different league. What Pryor did while in college is no business of the NFL. And to let the coaches go nonpunishable is even more hilarious.

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    to the Commish for taking a stand against cheaters!
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    Re: OT: Terrelle Pryor Ruling

    Pryor was suspended for the first five games by Ohio State. Then he decides to move to NFL. They're just honoring that suspension so to speak so he can't get away scott free. \

    However, now Pryor and lawyer are saying they're going to appeal:
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