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    Re: Eagles - Steelers game

    Even the Steelers scrubs aren't playing around tonight

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    The Eagles gave up after it was 14-0. That is some horribly uninspiring football being played.

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    Re: Eagles - Steelers game

    Quote Originally Posted by RavenScallywag View Post
    Scariest thing about this is we wanted to blame our issues on our OL. Steelers OL is also bad, and they handled their junk without issue, and that's with TWO LTs going down IN GAME.

    That we struggled SO MUCH against that same pass rush, means our OL is worse than may be absolutely pitiful.
    Does not bode well for week 1!!
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    Re: Eagles - Steelers game

    I'll admit, I was being a little chicken little there...

    Jah Reid is a rookie. He should get better each week he plays.
    Oneil Cousins shouldn't be an OT. Maybe a G, we'll see.
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