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    Wink Hue Jackson on Boller: spectacular

    Assuming that Jackson isn't just blowing smoke, I wouldn't mind having Kyle back now. From the little that I caught of their game, Boller looked pretty decent against the Rams scrubs.:

    "Kyle came in and he lit it up ... he was spectacular. That's what I expect from him. Obviously Trent, who hadn't been here very long, I was so impressed with him because here he is getting the information from me and trying to figure it out in his mind, and then going out and executing pretty flawlessly."

    Jackson said all three showed poise and the ability to lead the team. He could see the big fight between Cal's Boller and Stanford's Edwards for the backup job going down to the wire.

    "Both of those young men are very competitive and they want that opportunity," Jackson said. "It also makes it fun. Those guys go and every day they compete in the classroom and they compete on the field, and they're very good friends."
    I wouldn't mind seeing Edwards winning the job and Kyle cut loose or traded for a 7th.
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    Re: Hue Jackson on Boller: spectacular

    Kyle Boller has often done well in the preseason.
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    Re: Hue Jackson on Boller: spectacular

    Yeah, I'm sort of over the Kyle Boller years myself, and T you know I had that kid's back the whole time he was here. The extreme "hugger" as I recall being called.

    I still truely hopes he succeeds wherever he goes. The guy took a pounding here and unlike a certain other QB (cough cough Elvis Grbac cough cough) took it like a man and always got back up and tried again. He just wasn't right for the Ravens, and that's all there is.

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    Re: Hue Jackson on Boller: spectacular

    Boller is a ten year project. Pretty soon he's going to "get it"

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    Re: Hue Jackson on Boller: spectacular

    I would have liked to seen what he'd have done under Andy Reid or Mike Holmgren.

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    Re: Hue Jackson on Boller: spectacular

    Hue likes Boller so he will likely make the backup cut. And I expect Campbell will get dinged up so KB will get to play; like it or not.
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