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    Mitt's gutless flips

    Romney scares the shit out of me. We criticized Kerry for his flip flops on key issues but those are nothing
    to compare with Romney's as you will see from the links below. It's time to take a look at his more
    recent flips.

    More recent ones include blaming OBY for the downgrade while he created AA
    downgrade himself because of spending in Mass.

    He said he'd repeal OBAMACARE when he instituted ROMNEY CARE in Mass.

    He also flipped on abortion after leaving Mass and said well, Reagan and Bush flipped on that too
    so why hold me responsible?

    Others include criticizing gay lifestyle while masquerading as a GOP conservative in the last election
    after gays in Mass got him elected. He went to the gay rallies and marches. Gays felt betrayed after
    putting him in office.

    BTW, Sarah Palin managed Alaska's budget much better and because of the policies she installed,
    Alaska got a AAA bond rating.


    Human windsock Mitt Romney is at it again. Back on August 1st we noted that
    Romney, Profile in Courage that he is, waited until the debt deal was a fait accompli, and seeing the rage
    from the American people against it, did what he always does and shouted: “Me too!“

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