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    Re: Here is a horrible thought

    I'd say that 90% of the teams in the NFL would be screwed by that scenario, not just the Ravens.

  2. Re: Here is a horrible thought

    Ya know Art, I really try not to think about a scenario like this happening because it makes my stomach churn.

    This is the exact potential type of situation I was highly concerned about at the onset of the season.

    They have seriously rolled the dice at the offensive tackle position both in starters and depth.

    I would have been much more comfortable letting one more DB go to have another back-up at offensive tackle, particurally on the right side.

    Even if say one guy was to get seriously hurt at any point, we're relatively screwed with no real back up at that position. (almost happened last week)

    Scary Shit!!!
    Will Die A Ravens Fan!!


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