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    Re: If Gaither showed up to practice...

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    No problem. If you ever have occasion to drive down that way, there are a couple of little "gas&go's" on Rt. 29 just north of Chatham that have about the best gasoline prices in the whole travel corridor from Baltimore down into N.C.
    I used to have to go to Roanoke a lot and I do recall the gas prices being cheaper than home.

    Hey, while we're on the subject of spoiled brats (Gaither, Not Petard Jr. I'm sure he's an upstanding citizen).

    Did everyone see the story on Jonathan Baldwin?

    Recall he was that prototype, tall, speedy deep threat that many hoped the Ravens would get in the first round of the draft instead of Torrey Smith. The Chiefs traded up ahead of the Ravens to nab Baldwin at pick 26, leaving Jimmy Smith for the Ravens at 27. I was thrilled, but many were furious that we missed on Baldwin.

    Well, he won't be in uniform tonight for the Chiefs. Apparently he has proven to be the complete punk-diva that some people warned us about. He punched-out a teammate and broke his wrist. Out for two months. And he has also pissed off the coaching staff already because he won't listen. So the Chiefs have Gaither and Baldwin in the playpen together.

    I would like the Chiefs to do well, but Frankly, I think Haley is an asshole, so part of me is happy that he's got these fools to work with. Remember it was Haley who pissed off Anquan Boldin in Arizona and the media ended up calling Boldin a spoiled brat. I always felt it was Haley who deserved the criticism. Haley is that nine-year old pitcher who gives up six runs in an inning and then throws his glove on the mound when the coach comes to take him out.
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