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    Stallworth getting a lot of good reps in the Skins preseason game. So far, 3 catches, 46 yards. And nary a reverse to be found.

    I wish the guy well. Redskins will probably use him like he should've been used here.
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    Re: Stallworth

    There were no other receivers on this team other than Mason since he arrived. Flacco practically always looked for Mason first. Clayton could never "get separation" until he separated from the Ravens and had become a star until he got hurt last year.

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    Re: Stallworth

    Think what did Stallworth in was his injury during preseason. By the time that he got back the offense had started to take shape (albeit not the one we all wanted) and frankly I think the play of the offense line did not really lend itself to exploiting his talents anyway.
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