Desperate for a topic unrelated to the half dozen quarterbacks currently associated with the Ravens, I stumbled across a second (!) major professional sports team in Baltimore.

Rough transcipt of a live interview of Jay Gibbons' wife during a ballgame & about her charity work, per Rick Maese's column:
Dempsey: "Laura, will this kind of help Jay in the domestic violence area? If he doesn't start getting a few more hits, you might grab him around the neck and rough him up a little bit. [Is] this money going to go to help him a little bit with maybe some of the hospital bills or something like that?"

Giuliani: "I don't know, Rick. I don't think I'm encouraging that. I'm definitely not --"

Dempsey: "Not going there?"

Giuliani: "Nope, not going there."

Dempsey: "All right, I'll domestically violate him if he doesn't start getting some more hits."