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    Re: Game Thread - Week 1 Preseason - Eagles


    Maybe he wanted to see Cousins and Jah against a real defense?
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    Re: Game Thread - Week 1 Preseason - Eagles

    Maybe...but I hope Ozzie is sitting there shaking his head, going "I REALLY should have seen this coming. EVERYBODY knows Cousins can't handle his shit" My 5 month old daughter could tell him Cousins can't handle his own jock.
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    Re: Game Thread - Week 1 Preseason - Eagles

    For Cousins it isn't "just the first game" -- isn't this his third year? How could the FO and coaching staff NOT know how bad he is? Did they think he would magically transform during an off-season with no OTAs? Did they REALLY count on a 3rd rounder to start?
    Or was it supposed to be last year's 6th rounder?

    Please tell me again about "the plan." I think I missed the part of "the plan" that covered backup C. And I must have misunderstood "the plan" for OT. And WR? Is there a "plan" for WR? The D looks like it will be OK, but the O needs a new plan.


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