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    Ray Lewis On Dan PatricK Show

    Coming up later in the show

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    Re: Ray Lewis On Dan PatricK Show

    You beat me to it. On a side note,Marshall Faulk is a moron.

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    Re: Ray Lewis On Dan PatricK Show

    Yes he is, he acted like a 3 year old. I think he was pissed off when dan said something about the super bowl loss.

    when he asked who is harder to tackle in the open field Vick or Bush he said vick b/c he can throw.

    dan responded, no they are downfield, past the line of scrimmage so he can't throw.

    Faulk said it doesnt matter he can still throw it and take the penalty so i will take vick

    overall he was a dick and completly unprofessional

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    Re: Ray Lewis On Dan PatricK Show

    I know that was hilarious! I loved when dan said "come on now someone from the NFL network might be listening" and then faulk got mad and said "the people at espn might be listening,and dans says no they never listen!"

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    Re: Ray Lewis On Dan PatricK Show

    I was waiting for faulk to bust out the..."I know you are but what am I"

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    Re: Ray Lewis On Dan PatricK Show

    Compare this defense to 2000,really hard different mix so mant different packages before we didnt have the athleticism we do now then it was just a stright 4-3 and we dared teams to run the ball.Asked who's the best LB,he said himself of course until he isnt playing anymore. Is there another overall defensive player thats better right now?he says no.Last time you hit someone and felt sorry for them,laughs says his kid when he did somethong wrong.Describe what its like the split second before you hit someone,happens so fast cant really describe it.Do you hear any moans or groans when you hit,that can tell whether they can hold up for 60 minutes or not.Ask Bush vs Vick question who is harder to tackle in open field,he says speed only gets you so far,talks about taking proper angles. Asked about Miami,says a LOT is wrong with the U said when you start something that isnt right it is a snowball effect.Talking about a play in Miami game he was referring too.Said it hurt to sit and watch it,says he feels bad for players it wasnt their fault,calling out coaches for playcalling before half instead of running clock out.
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    Re: Ray Lewis On Dan PatricK Show

    Ray sounded like Ray. He was upbeat, talked about how the Ravens were more "athletic" then 2000, and how he was the best D player (still) in the NFL. It's always refreshing to hear from Ray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 (I wonder if it would be he same at 0-2?)

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    Re: Ray Lewis On Dan PatricK Show

    Yeah but Dan Patrick mistakenly gave him credit for the hit on alvis whithead, that was landry

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    Re: Ray Lewis On Dan PatricK Show

    Yeah I thought he screwed that up,but I wasnt sure.I thought he might have meant to say Michael Pittman and not Whithead.


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