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Thread: Week 3 starts

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    Question Week 3 starts

    JAX or ATL

    #3 WR:
    Deion Branch or Reggie Williams?

    At RB I am starting Tiki Barber and Willis McGehee....sitting Chester Taylor vs Chicago.



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    Re: Week 3 starts

    Atlanta is the easy choice on defense, you only risk taking a defense playing against a strong offense if you have no other options. Atlanta's defense should do okay against the Saints, especially because their running game is keeping them fresh.

    I'm not sure I like either of your #3 options right now, but if I had to choose one, it would be Reggie Williams. I'm expecting the Jaguars to be behind most of the game against the Colts, and that means a lot of passing yards and possibly a TD or two. The Seahawks and Giants will probably have a high scoring game as well, but Branch is a complete unknown on that team, plus, he's never been a stellar fantasy option.

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    Re: Week 3 starts

    Actually for my #3 WR I listed it wrong. I currently have Amani Toomer slotted and wanted to know if anyone thought Branch or Reggie Williams is a better start compared to Toomer.



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