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C'mon man, do you think we just don't share what's going on with each other? Your "why don't you just exhibit a brain cell?" post wasn't seen by all of us, or are you contending that it was as sincere as your football talk?- C -
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I freely admit to making one out of line, too sharp remark and had a reasonable exchange with the mod about that error and another one when I made a really, really bad error when I 1st joined - no sweat on either of those and neither was at all what I complained about by any means.
The funny thing is that for someone supposedly "throwing my weight around", and without the disposition to moderate, I chose to give a no-point warning to you on this instead of a full-blown infraction; which was well within my right as a moderator to do. Not to mention the fact I could have easily handed them out in the Skins thread rather than just give the warning I did. So as I said, we can cut with the dramatic posts about us moderating the forum.

I will try to find the TOS here and highlight that particular rule and adhere to all the necessary rules in order to maintain my membership in good standing here - is that OK?
This would be fantastic, and appreciated. Case and thread closed.