has some documentaries that should be very entertaining. Got the DVR set and thought I'd pass it on to those who care.

ED SABOL: KING OF FOOTBALL MOVIES ''Hall of Fame Documentaries'' - Ed Sabol: The King of Football Movies - Starting with the 1962 NFL Championship, Ed Sabol and NFL Films helped celebrate and romanticize the game in a way it had never been seen before. Sabol was the first to put microphones on players and coaches, to shoot games in slow motion, and produce sports ''follie films.''

Tues 8PM EST
SHARPE FOCUS: JOURNEY TO CANTON ''Hall of Fame Documentary'' - Sharpe Focus: Journey to Canton - A look into the life and career of NFL great Shannon Sharpe on the eve of his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Shannon and his brother Sterling (former All-Pro) return to the their small hometown of Glennville, GA where they remember the loving family and the crushing poverty that drove them to success.

MARSHALL FAULK: RUSH TO CANTON Marshall Faulk: Rush to Canton - As told by Marshall Faulk's former coaches and teammates and Faulk himself, the show traces the Hall of Fame running back's life and career from his childhood in New Orleans through his retirement from the NFL in 2007.

DEION SANDERS: CANTON GOES PRIMETIME ''Hall of Fame Documentary'' - Deion Sanders: Canton Goes Primetime - An in-depth look at Deion Sanders incredible career, his legacy of winning with the Falcons, 49ers and Cowboys, the ''Primetime'' image and how he revolutionized the cornerback position. Featuring all new interviews with Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice, Andre Rison, Jerry Glanville, Ice Cube and MC Hammer.

2011 HALL OF FAME ENSHRINEMENT CEREMONY ''2011 Hall of Fame Induction'' - Live coverage of the Hall of Fame induction ceremony; the Class of 2011 include DE Richard Dent, RB Marshall Faulk, LB Chris Hanburger, LB Les Richter, contributor Ed Sabol, CB Deion Sanders and TE Shannon Sharpe.