Hello fellow Raven followers, my name is Jaxun14 and I have a problem...

ok enough of that...But seriously I live in Alabama (Roll Tide) and have always had a dear spot in my heart for the PURPLE! Have always loved the ""hit you in the mouth" defense, tradition, and of course GM Ozzie Newsome!

So with that said, we are coming up for the Bama/Penn St game on Sept 10th, and then gonna catch my first Ravens game on Sunday. :ww:

Never visited Baltimore, only drove thru it about 10 yrs ago...So I need some help!!

I understand this game is gonna be a hard ticket to get my hands on, but what is gonna be the best way for me to get into the stadium? Also, pregame/postgame drink & eat spots??? Hotel locations?

Thanks in advance for the help
Go Ravens & Roll Tide