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    Re: As of now this is what i think will be the Depth Chart.

    O's, Stroh's and Nappy Ho's

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    Re: As of now this is what i think will be the Depth Chart.

    Quote Originally Posted by otherside_of_tracks View Post
    I say that you can't be a bust if you come in and try every play, that why i can say Boller is a bust. lets move on and see if troy has anything.
    I'm not a Boller believer, but one thing I can say about Boller is that the kid gives his all on every snap.

    And there is no way Chester is starting at C over Flynn...Billick has a hard on for Flynn.

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    Re: As of now this is what i think will be the Depth Chart.

    Center's a tough position. I don't have a problem starting a grizzled veteran there, especially when 3 of the remaining 4 players have less than one year starting each.

    I think otherside_of_tracks may have meant "can't" instead of "can," but I could be wrong.

    His definitions and arguments were so clear in his own mind that he was unable to understand how any reasonable person could honestly differ with him.

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    Re: As of now this is what i think will be the Depth Chart.

    I agree that Billick is loyal to his vet Flynn. However, if Chester is given a legit shot during training camp, it will be very hard for Billick to ignore the play of Chester at the spot. Will he miss a few assignments on the line? probably as would any player playing the position 1st year.

    But I would argue that Chester's superior play 98% of the rest of the plays will more then make up for a lapse in mental reps or recognizing the defense's alignment. Also Flynn is a non factor out in space ahead at the second level. Not so with Jason Brown, Chris Chester, Ben Grubbs. Those three are very fleet footed with Chester probably the most nimble.

    We have potential to do alot of things at the point of attack and out on the perimeter with Willis Magehee. I simply cant see Billick ignoring that potential even though they lack the collective experiance of NFL play. Chester is already bigger and stronger then Flynn and has bulked up with a second year of NFL weight training and regimen. There is simply no way Flynn can keep up with him. That said, Flynn should serve as a very valuable backup. Playing guard and center.

    The only position on the line that still presents a problem is RT. Adam Terry strikes fear in no one firing off the right side on a pitchout to the right. HE isn't aggressive and doesn't have a mean streak. He is much more of a finesse player. That will spell trouble going up against stout DE's. I do however, like him in pass pro. He should do ok there. If Grubbs is as advertised and Chester does indeed beat out Flynn. I can see us staying away from stretch plays to the outside on the right corner. I see more between the tackles and sweeps left with Brown and Ogden leading the waty along with Chester getting in the way of a OLB from the backside pursuit.

    That spells big gainers in my book. Of course that means that Clayton, Dmase and Dwill will have to maintain their blocks down the field. It can be done.


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