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    07 picks video collection

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    Re: 07 picks video collection

    Looking at the videos, I like Yanda's footwork for a guard, in pass protection, and run blocking. High motor athletic type. Ozzie could have found a gem.

    If he adds on the weigh, I think he has enough footwork to be a good RT in pass pro and in the run game

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    Re: 07 picks video collection

    What I love about Troy Smith is that it looks as if plays every game like his last, always looking for a play, always looking for the W. I think being nearly a 6th-round choice is going to motivate him even more, and I'm expecting big things from the little guy. Dude just thirsts for victory

    And holy crap, Yamon Figurs is BLAZING fast O_O

    Great job with the vids, ExiledRaven

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    Re: 07 picks video collection

    None are mine, I just wasted time I should be spending on copyright and business associations because I am burned out.

    Glad everyone is liking the little collection

    Re: Yanda ~ Yes, I think there is a good chance Yanda stays out at right tackle. Given Ferentz's connection with the Ravens and the picks traded to get him, it seems likely the team thinks that Yanda can start on the outside.

    Re: Figurs ~ there was a quote from DeCosta about people calling Figurs "A poor man's Ted Ginn" and DeCosta said something along the lines of "I wonder if people would still say that if they switched schools." Figurs looks very interesting and if he can develop into a #3 or #4 after this year, massive value. By the way, that was the often liked by various Ravens message board posters Aaron Ross and Michael Griffith he was schooling in that video v. Texas.

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    Re: 07 picks video collection

    ER, terrific job brother! We will soon place all of these links in the Fun Stuff page that you can find at the top of the home page.

    Again, great job!

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    Re: 07 picks video collection

    Per Yanda...

    For all those who insist because Mike Mayock said he was a guard that is what he is...

    I think most of us felt that Pashos was at least servicable as a RT...Decosta said Yanda has much better feet and is a better athlete than Pashos.


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