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    Re: McCrary battling unbearable pain, depression

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    Boy can I relate to the knees and how it messes with your head, and I'm not an elite athlete. He did say he may have retired sooner, knee replacements are not a sure thing--they can fail.
    Knee replacement surgery today is by and large hugely successful. He really should go ahead with it asap.

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    Re: McCrary battling unbearable pain, depression

    Tiki Barber's a p*ssy for not wanting this as his future! <sic>

    My heart goes out to the man. Terrific football player and an incredible human being. I hope he gets the knees replaced and I hope he gets his head on straight. It's a real shame to see a guy like him in such bad shape.

    All the best Mike!

    - C -

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    Re: McCrary battling unbearable pain, depression

    So sorry to hear this Mike is a great person. Anyone remember the SI Magazine with Johnny Unitas on the front

    Play Now Pay Later

    Guess is was telling the truth


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