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    Re: Trade Mike Flynn to the Browns?

    No that's ok... I'd rather not have him. Who knows what diseases he'd bring.


    Seriously though, It's the Curse of Jeff Faine!

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    Re: Trade Mike Flynn to the Browns?

    According to what Aaron said in a training camp update, he was surprised Jason Brown wasn't able to push Flynn for the starting position during training camp. In other words, Flynn at the current moment is the best option at CENTER.

  3. Re: Trade Mike Flynn to the Browns?

    I don't think the Browns would even want him. BTW: After two days, I can finally post. Sweet.

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    Re: Trade Mike Flynn to the Browns?

    Flynn may be bad (ok, fine I am being generous with 'may' but I can't speak in absolutes anymore). But even if he was beat out for the starting job I'd still think the best thing to do is to hold on to him for the year at least rather than a trade.

    As Cleveland has shown, injuries happen, and losing Brown and having no backup whatsoever would...well, i'd like to worse than having the tackling dummy standing there. Flynn can also play guard (as we all know) so even though he's being paid a lot, there is a good amount of value to having him as a backup if only for that and his familiarity with the offense and fellow linemen

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    Re: Trade Mike Flynn to the Browns?

    Quote Originally Posted by RavenScallywag
    ok, I guess this is true, but Flynn in particular has been pretty bad over the past couple seasons. We signed him long term, then watched Casey Rabach outperform him and then sent packing, since we had already committed to Flynn.
    Well, I can't really blame the FO for that. You've got to remember that Rabach showed nothing until 2004 when Flynn got injured. For the 3 prior years, he couldn't beat out Flynn or Bennie Anderson even.

    Flynn had his best year in 2003, when Jamal ran for 2000 yards. Flynn did play well that year (and better than Rabach did in 2004). Most surprisingly, 2003 was Flynn's contract year. Also, not surprisingly, Rabach had his best year (or his only year, really) during his contract year.

    Unfortunately, since then Flynn has stunk - especially last year.
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    Re: Trade Mike Flynn to the Browns?

    Quote Originally Posted by PurpleRulz
    It seems as if Flynn will be here until he retires. With Jason Brown not developing as fast as hoped, it looks like Flynn will start the entire season at center.
    Well, if Brown doesn't supplant Flynn by next year, it's very possible that they both might be gone. That, or Flynn is gone and Brown is relegated to career back-up status.

    Next year, Flynn will, for the first time, cost less to cut than keep, so if he's not the starter, he's a goner, IMO. Flynn's cap number for next year is $2.8M and if he is cut, he will only count $1.6M against the cap, so the team will realize a savings of $1.2M.

    IMO, he's going to have to play really well this year to see next year.
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