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    Re: Last year and this year

    3 quick takes.

    1. I agree the Steelers O-line is far better than Ravens...has been for years

    2. I doubt anyone will say this phrase any time this year: "Man, I sure miss Will Demps".

    3. The redzone TD conversion % is actually down from last year thru 2 games.
    2005: 2/4 = 50%
    2006: 3/9 = 33%


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    Re: Last year and this year

    Quote Originally Posted by Fanman View Post
    3. The redzone TD conversion % is actually down from last year thru 2 games.
    2005: 2/4 = 50%
    2006: 3/9 = 33%

    Isn't it a plus that we've actually been in the red zone 5 more times thru 2 games this year than last year?

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    Re: Last year and this year


    Yes it is a plus the redzone chances have increased...but unless the TD % goes up as well the team won't go very far. You can't beat good teams on FG alone...we proved that for the last 3 years.


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    Re: Last year and this year

    If so, then why does the offense look so mediocre? In particular: the overall passing game and the Red Zone bewilderment. Maybe he will come along, but, thus far, our offense isn't performing at a level to beat the good
    I don't care about yardage stats and made up things like QB rating. What matters to me is turnover differential and points scored vs. points allowed in judging the team. The offensive part of the equation is preventing turnovers and scoring points. So far, the offense isn't giving up turnovers and whether they are 2% or 50% in the red zone they're still putting up a good amount of points.

    Check out this info from the preview of the Ravens vs. Chiefs game in 2003. Turnovers mean so much to this team's success:
    Since Brian Billick took over the helm of the Ravens in ‘99, Baltimore is 40-2 (.952) when owning a positive turnover mark, including a streak of 33 consecutive wins. The Ravens haven’t lost a regular season contest when owning a positive turnover mark since losing 10-3 at WAS (10/15/00) when Baltimore was +1 (2 takes/1 give). Conversely, the Ravens are 1-29 (.033) when owning a negative turnover ratio since ‘99, including a string of 17 consecutive losses. Baltimore’s only win with a negative turnover margin since ‘99 was a 24-21 victory at JAX (11/25/01) when the club was -2 (0 takes/2 gives). The Ravens are 8-3 (.727) with an even turnover mark under Billick. Remarkably, Baltimore is a whopping +82 (151 takes/69 gives) in its 49 regular victories and -63 (36 takes/99 gives) in its 34 regular losses dating back to the start of the ‘99 campaign.
    Check this info about scoring and turnover diff:
    2006 (so far)
    27.5 points a game.
    3 points allowed a game.
    +8 turnover ratio

    16.6 points scired a game.
    18.6 points allowed a game.
    -10 turnover ratio

    2003 Last time the Ravens made the playoffs with a statistically terrible offense:
    24.4 points scored a game
    17.5 points allowed a game
    +3 turnover ratio

    18.9 points scored a game
    16.5 points allowed a game
    can't find the turnover ratio

    20.8 points scored a game
    16.5 points allowed a game
    +23 turnover ratio

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    Re: Last year and this year

    Wow, just goes to show you how important turnovers are. (I love the apple ones) We are 40-2 in games when we win the turnover battle? That figure is more than just impressive, it is astounding!

    Let's hope the coaches can convey this importance to the players. No holding the ball like you are walking out of McDonalds with a bag of 1/4 pounders. Being alert for chances to slap it out of a running back or wideout's hand. Being alert to what is around you at all times, etc.

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    Re: Last year and this year

    I'm amazed that Ben Spellcheck gets sacked more than Boller. I guess he gets better protection, and is more likely to stay in the pocket and take the sack, rather than run or throw a pick; Boller seems so used to getting pressured that he automatically runs as the pocket collapses. I'd rather take the sack than throw a pick. whatever else you say about the Ravens O, they've only turned it over once so far.
    at this point I'm not very impressed with McNair; either he still isn't 'comfortable', or maybe his arm hurts. or maybe the line still stinks.
    Looks like the D is definitely better. maybe less pressured to make plays, having confidence in McN & the O to get some points. maybe some of the guys who departed (Deion?) were bad in the locker room. Ngata is definitely an upgrade, and BScott is terrif. Landry seems to make more plays than Demps.

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    Re: Last year and this year

    Quote Originally Posted by Tex Ritter View Post
    Maybe last year, but if you want I can post the career sacks per passing attempt of Ben versus Boller and Ben gets sacked more times per attempt. Ergo proving that he does not seem to get better pass protection than Boller. Factor into it that he is harder to physically bring down and it just shows that blaming lack of pass protection primarily on Boller's faulty development is untrue. That's all I am saying here and will post on it no more on this thread unless anyone questions the career stats.
    Read my post again carefully; I'm agreeing that Ben was sacked more per attempt. Respectfully, I'll disagree that Ben's success suggests that Bollers problems aren't at least partly related to poor pass protection.

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    Re: Last year and this year

    Pass protection isn't, and has never in the history of Football been measured on sacks alone. That's why when you see a QB's stats on the screen during a game they also measure things like "Hurried", "Hit", and "Pressured".

    Simply using sacks as a way to measure pass protection then to somehow suggest that the Ravens pass protection is better than the Steelers is extremely flawed and actually pretty much untrue anyway.

    Really, all you have to do is watch the games and you can see the difference.

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    Re: Last year and this year

    Ummmm, he's only been in 2 games so far, I would expect that he'd have fewer sacks and picks than Boller or Wright. So that also is not only flawed thinking, but considering McNair threw double digit interceptions in every 15 or 16 week season as a Titan doesn't mean he won't throw as many this year either.

    However, in watching the games it appears that one reason Ben gets sacked more often than Boller is he probably throws fewer dumb passes hence his lower interception total. Instead, Ben takes the sack.
    Right, you mean like in the SuperBowl when he threw 2 picks for a 34.1 rating, or last week against the Jaguars when he threw 2 picks for a 38.7 rating? The only difference in the two performances was he didn't have a running game to back him up like he did having Bettis last year. It's going to be interesting to see how Big Ben does without a running game this year.

    Again, it's all about watching the games.

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    Re: Last year and this year

    Well, I could have added the couple of playoff games in his rookie year that his defense bailed him out of too, but I felt his last two games were good enough.

    Their best runner is still playing only they are only missing the short yardage and endzone specialist in Bettis.
    All teams need a 3rd down back. That's why we have Musa. Here's an interesting stat. There were no running first downs last Sunday for the Steelers. The Jaguars effectively shut the Steeler's running game down. And that's all you're going to have to do to put the Steelers' backs to the wall every week.

    You put Ben behind our O-line, or the Raiders line, or the Houston Texans line, and then tell me he wins a SuperBowl or 15 games total with those teams.

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    Re: Last year and this year

    So, how about 3 games in a row? Does that count? The Steelers lost again, and Big Ben threw a pick in the endzone on the last play, which BTW was his 3rd pick of the day.

    Today's line: 18/39 208 yards, 0TD/3INT. QB Rating: 30.7

    So let's count it up. 2 games, 0 touchdowns, 5 interceptions. QB Rating of 34.3 That is clutch.


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