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    Re: Troy Smith a raven

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    I like this pick b/c there is little, if any, downside. If he develops, which Boller did not, then the value is obvious from a late 5th round pick. If he has the talent displayed the last 2 years at OSU then he WILL develop much faster than Kyle and have a decent chance to take over after McNair is gone.

    If we let him go you know Cleveland will sign him. :>)

    Boller has developed - he's improved each season. He has shown that, with decent protection and decent receivers, he can do fine as an NFL QB (100+ QB rating in four of his last five games.)

    If the Ravens are smart, they'll sign Boller to an extension, and keep Smith behind him (or competing with him), hoping to find themselves in the same situation the Chargers did with Brees and Rivers - two quality QBs, with one to trade.

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    Re: Troy Smith a raven

    except they didn't trade Brees, he left.


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