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    Moss to Pats (for 4th)

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    Reportedly taking the physical right now, he passes, then it's Randy Moss on the Patriots for a mere 4th rounder.

    Patriots are really gearing up for one last run with the old guys it seems, signing and trading for so many vets is really out of character.

    We'll have to see what this restructured contract looks like and then we'll know.

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    Randy Moss going to New England

    Nfl Network is reporting that Randy Moss is going to the Patriots for a 4th round pick. Granted they aren't getting the 2000 version of Moss but the Pats just keep on spending.

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    Re: Moss to Pats (for 4th)

    I guess they saw how much success the Redskins were having with this approach and decided to emulate it.

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    Re: Moss to Pats (for 4th)

    How can you compare the Pats offseason moves to what the Redskins have done over the years. They are going to be scary on both sides of the ball.

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    Re: Moss to Pats (for 4th)

    Wow, the Patriots have really loaded up this year. I'll be shocked if they aren't everyone's pick in the media to win the AFC. They have been extremely active this offseason in picking up players.

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    Re: Moss to Pats (for 4th)

    Even if the Pats underachieve they could still go to the Super Bowl. Scary team. Glad we get them at home!

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    Re: Moss to Pats (for 4th)

    "SuperBowl LOCK!!! Unless Brady gets hurt"

    WHEW! That's a load off my mind. Now I won't have to waste hours watching my beloved Ravens this year since they won't be going to the big game.

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    Re: Moss to Pats (for 4th)

    Anyone should be able to flourish in that offense now, no Brady needed. I'm now officially holding Brady to a higher standard. He no longer has ANY excuse about the weapons around him. If he does not break records this year, can we finally agree that Manning is better? He has the best supporting cast in all of football this year. If he doesn't throw for 4000 yards and 40 TD's en route to a Super Bowl then it is a let down. All we ever hear is "If Brady had the Colts receivers he'd put up those numbers too"... Now he has a receiving corps that Manning is jealous of... we'll see.
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