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    Too many OLs? Starters?

    OT - Ogden, Terry, Rimph
    G/C - Grubbs, Chester, Brown, Flynn, Vincent, Yanda

    Are we gonna go into the season with eight? Maybe, especially with our youth. But certainly not nine, so which one goes?

    Rimph seems like he might be at risk but I don't know that we'd want Yanda playing T this year and no one else on our roster can so I would actually think his job with us is very safe.

    Vincent or Flynn seem the biggest risks. My guess is Vincent's gone this year.

    Then the question is, who's starting for us next year? Jason Brown is thought of in the organization as similar to the next Larry Allen. He's got to start. Chester played well, and improved as the year went on. At this point he's better than Flynn and should be starting, I think. Grubbs should be in front of Vincent (if we don't cut Vincent) right away. So to me it looks like this:

    Ogden / Brown / Chester / Grubbs / Terry

    That line could go through some growing pains, but that's the one I'd like to see this year. Then, assuming Ogden retires next year, I'd hope we can see:

    Terry / Brown / Chester / Grubbs / Yanda

    Could be a great one!

    - C -

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    Re: Too many OLs? Starters?

    I agree that it looks like Vincent is the odd man out. However as much as I would love to see it I just don't see:

    Ogden / Brown / Chester / Grubbs / Terry

    at least in the beggining of the year. As much importance as they place on the center making the line calls, I don't know if they would trust Chester taking over for Flynn with 3 "new" full time starters on the line. Especially with an aging injury prone QB.

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    Re: Too many OLs? Starters?

    Yanda's probably going to be the RT after this year and for the year, he's insurance in case of injury to JO or Terry.

    We gave up a lot, but he looks like the new kind of Ravens lineman.

    This year may start out this way, knowing the man love for Flynn

    JO - Brown - Flynn - Grubbs - Terry (Could also have Brown move to RG)

    Hopefully though, Chester starts...otherwise we're going to end up with Rabach II and that would really piss me off to lose a smart athletically talented 2nd rounder.

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    Re: Too many OLs? Starters?

    Right now that might be true or that he is a "better" guard prospect.

    It looks like he has some technique issues along with needing to gain 15-20 pounds or so to play tackle.

    We'll find out sometime I suppose...but to spend so much for him to play Guard makes no sense unless there is something going on with Brown or Chester that we don't know about as of yet.

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    Re: Too many OLs? Starters?

    Quote Originally Posted by Raven Nurse View Post
    Yanda is predicted by the experts to be G. They say he does not have the quickness for tackle
    Experts, shmexperts. Kiper says he can start immediately at RT.

    His definitions and arguments were so clear in his own mind that he was unable to understand how any reasonable person could honestly differ with him.

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    Re: Too many OLs? Starters?

    It's not exactly what I might have been gunning for....but I am actually excited about our offensive line.

    I hope we can get Williams on the field more often this year.


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