OT - Ogden, Terry, Rimph
G/C - Grubbs, Chester, Brown, Flynn, Vincent, Yanda

Are we gonna go into the season with eight? Maybe, especially with our youth. But certainly not nine, so which one goes?

Rimph seems like he might be at risk but I don't know that we'd want Yanda playing T this year and no one else on our roster can so I would actually think his job with us is very safe.

Vincent or Flynn seem the biggest risks. My guess is Vincent's gone this year.

Then the question is, who's starting for us next year? Jason Brown is thought of in the organization as similar to the next Larry Allen. He's got to start. Chester played well, and improved as the year went on. At this point he's better than Flynn and should be starting, I think. Grubbs should be in front of Vincent (if we don't cut Vincent) right away. So to me it looks like this:

Ogden / Brown / Chester / Grubbs / Terry

That line could go through some growing pains, but that's the one I'd like to see this year. Then, assuming Ogden retires next year, I'd hope we can see:

Terry / Brown / Chester / Grubbs / Yanda

Could be a great one!

- C -