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    Some players I like for day 2

    Troy Smith

    I really, really like Troy in the late 4th. At this point, it is worth taking a gamble on the height, because everything else is there. Super accurate, great arm. Mechanics can be spotty, but Neuheisel can help with that. I reeaaally want him.

    Zak DeOssie, Brown

    Could be a major sleeper here. Would love to pick up this kid to learn under Ray.

    Anthony Arline, Baylor
    Travarous Bain, Hampton
    Bo Smith, Weber St.

    I like all 3 of these guys to work as nickle and dimes, and hopefully take over for Rolle in '08. Smith probably has the best talent of them all, but some character concerns there.

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    Re: Some players I like for day 2

    Not with you on Smith.

    With you 100% on DeOssie and Bain.

    Not seen the other two.

    Some other names I'll be looking out for when I get back from football this evening (UK time):

    - Brandon Siler
    - Baraka Atkins
    - H.B. Blades
    - Ryan McBean
    - Fred Bennett
    - Antonio Pittman
    - John Wendling
    - Antwan Barnes

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    Re: Some players I like for day 2

    Michael Bush

    We need a QB of the future, and not another backup QB of the future (Troy Smith)
    It's a new season! It's a new day!

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    Re: Some players I like for day 2

    I want Troy Smith so bad it's not funny. I think if he's there at 134 or 137, he's ours. I'm also not sure he will be.

    He's a McNair clone. A bit shorter. But he's a tough, smart, accurate QB who's got a solid arm. The height is his only question, and his draft stock took a massive hit because of one game which is ridiculous.

    - C -

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    Re: Some players I like for day 2

    The Ravens need to groom a leader behind McNair, Troy Smith is the answer.

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    Re: Some players I like for day 2

    OT Doug Free is also another interesting possibility.


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