A fantastic weekend meeting fantastic people, seeing a beautiful city and just everything else all in, some memorable moments for me:

Straight of the plane and straight to an O's game (from a camera phone this one), big to CJ for getting us the tickets and to Ben for sticking around and taking us, I was feeling whacked until I saw the lights and the stadium, that helped keep me up that night and helped get me adjusted that little bit to US time that I needed.

Friday morning to the stadium and paying respects and homage to Johnny U, great quarterback and even though it's just a statue I couldn't help but be in awe.

View of the stadium from the tailgating lot, the two combined were perfect, the anticipation of the stadium was great but the party at the tailgate damn near topped it all.

Kickoff rolled around and the whole crowd was ready for it, a truly unbelievable and unforgetable atmosphere.

Pre-snap on the first TD I saw live at Ravens stadium, simple but effective lob pass to Heeeeeeeeaaapppppp!!!!!

The Vault full and just after the game, looks like an awesome stadium full or empty and I can't wait to be back next year for another go round, just an unbelievable experience.

Final compliments to the weather from Saturday lunch time onwards, beautiful warm sunshine tipifying this view over the Inner Harbor to Federal Hill.

Big thanks go all our hosts, can't say thank you enough! :eng: :uk:

Thanks to all hosts but as with RavenTD special thanks go to Fells Point Raven, top notch bloke and thanks so much for all the work put in to making a great weekend!