On the WNST Casey report:

Casey mentioned that Billick named Prude and Ross by name as two UDFAs that are making noise in camp. Of course, Billick did not say that these two have made the team, but you have to think that at this point, Prude and Ross will have to play their way off the team.

Casey also mentioned that Cory Ross is really pushing BJ Sams for the PR/KR job. Could Ross be the KR while Sams remains as PR?

As for Ronnie Prude, Casey mentioned how Prude has an advantage for playing in an NFL style defense with Nick Saban. At this point, it looks like Derrick Martin will go to PS. As for David Pittman, he'll probably make the team, but be an inactive. They could sneak Pittman onto the "IR."

Looks like our CBs will be CMAC, Rolle, Ivy, Prude, and Pittman. Our safeies will be Reed, Sapp, and Landry. I think BJ Ward will somehow get stashed on the IR. Seems like Jermaine Winborne is fighting his way onto the team as a safety.

I have to admit that I was the one saying that Prude had to show me what he could do in a game. Well, he has, but my only criticism is that Prude learns to finish all of his plays.

Just my two cents.