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    Bush, CIA finally got Bin Laden

    Hell, OBY was the one who tried to pull out of
    Afghanistan and the entire area and fired two generals in the process.

    This started with Bush after 911 and the CIA continued to
    hit the grindstone all these years and got him hiding out in Islamabad, Pakistan.

    This is a terrific day for America and quite frankly the whole world that cares about winning the war on terror," former Bush chief of staff Andy Card told ABC News. Card said the news is "particularly significant" for the intelligence community.

    "They're the ones who kept their nose to the grindstone and worked very hard to allow this day to be realized ... finally," he said.

    They have a body and waited for DNA results which were positive.

    It had nothing to do with the current Prez who wanted out of
    the entire area. See link.
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