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    Question Is it time to drop Deshaun Foster

    The more I read about DF the more it sounds like the rookie will take his spot. My other RBs are:

    Tiki Barber
    Willis McGehee
    Chester Taylor

    Would you trade Taylor or McGehee and a 3rd tier WR like Reggie Williams for Frank Gore?


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    Re: Is it time to drop Deshaun Foster

    No! The absolute worst thing you can do in FF is drop a player because of early struggles. Stick with him, if he's still trash after a couple more weeks then it's time to move or drop him, but it's too early right now.
    ''You'd love to go on the first day but I'm glad for the situation I'm in,'' he said. ''Baltimore knows how to play defense.''

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    Re: Is it time to drop Deshaun Foster

    I like what Gore has done but I wouldn't expect it to continue at an exceptional level. I'm not a big fan of Foster's situation, but it's too soon to cut and run. You've got a solid slate of backs ahead of him. View him as depth for now, and if he continues to lose time to DeAngelo Williams, then you can cut or trade him.


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