Better get this done before I pass out.

What time is it?
Celery Preperation time.[5am]

Any celery in the house?

No we had to put it in the bath.

After the WMD's were sorted it was time to prepare the Raven battle armor at 6am.

Due to the adult content that took place during the tailgate I cannot post the pictures here.Or I was to busy laying it on the Rusting Silver and Black,that I forgot to take any.
Thankfully the more intelligent of you there,covered my mistake.
[Fellspoint why didn't I take a pic with those cheerleaders].

While UKRaven was up upon high. Chris[Hugh Grant Jnr]sorry Chris.UKRavenstockers and I was thrust into the most spine tingling,uplifting,
eye and eardrum popping experience ever.

Section 111.Bringing it loud and clear.

If we wasn't in heaven,it was the nearest thing to it.

And after the battle was complete,and our voices were gone.More tailgating
with the good people we call our best of friends.

And my close Raven brother Fellspoint,finally saw TD with his hairdown.

How did I survive that sun?

And just when you thought this old warhorse was ready for the glue factory.
He rolled back 20 odd years to share some dirty dancing with 5-10 Ravenettes.

Ladies you topped off the experience a treat.

How can I put into words all that we experienced.How can I put into words the love and friendship you showed us.The welcome to end all welcomes.

Fellspoint & CJ.Mr & Mrs Greg,Mr & Mrs Admin.Camden.WXKevin,Pat McGroin,
Crowdog.Ladyraven & Fanatic.Mista T.Bear. Kevin who caught our very last act.And the ticket supplier who made it all possible.And to everyone else who showed us welcome,and opened their arms to us.We can never thankyou enough.

It was an experience and feeling that everyone in this world should feel in their heart and soul at least once.

So to you all.From all of us.We love you,and thank you.

The End.......Or is it just the beginning?

Duly noted Fellspoint is the one and only Diamond Geezer.