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    NFL Network

    Can anyone fill me in on the NFL Network. I'm not sure my cable network will carry the NFL Network (Adelphia) If they don't is there any other way to see the Bungles on NOV 5th?

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    As long as you are in the baltimore viewing area, any ravens game that is on cable, (espn, nfl network etc) simulcast on local tv as well. WJZ will show that game too. Just like when the ravens play on espn sunday night football its on both channels.

    As far as the rest of the are SOL. Get directv or keep calling adelphia (comcast now) to get the nfl network. as usual its a dispute between the nfl network and comcast over fees and then us consumers suffer.

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    Re: NFL Network

    I think you mean the Bungles on Nov. 30th. That's the NFL Network game.

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    Re: NFL Network

    I stand corrected it is the 11-30 game on NFL network. Thanks losac and to the previous thread about WJZ.


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