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    Help Going to Clevland

    Anyone know how long it takes to drive to Clevland and best route to take ?

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    Probably on the wrong side of the road.
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    Re: Help Going to Clevland

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    Re: Help Going to Clevland

    Given the state of the Browns, and all the history we have with them, you might want to temper your enthusiasm and wear neutral colors while you're there. They look like a bunch that wouldn't hesitate to take care of business in the restrooms, if you know what I mean.

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    Don't let those fans intimidate you from wearing your Ravens gear. I've been there the last 3 years and will be there Sunday. I will admit they are rude, obnoxious and will give you a look of death because they won't get over the fact that the team moved here but I haven't been in a figh twith anyone. In 2003 in the 4th quarter of the game that the Ravens won 35-0 I was hit in the back by a program but if you ignore their verbal assaults and don't start trouble they really won't do anything physical to you. I will admit that I go to the bathroom pregame and don't go during the game

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    Re: Help Going to Clevland

    Just got home flew southwest, flight was delayed 1.5 hours croud there was "DEAD" they were not as bad as Nashville but nothing like I expected
    We all wore our colors no problems in bathroom. there wer about 35-40 Fans
    on the plane but we were all scattered about the crowd was announced @ 72,000+ but there had to be 5,000 empty seats. They all say the dont hate us they hate Moddell


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