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Thread: The Driftwood

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    Good Morning Johnny.
    You should have seen the amount of gifts we all gave him during his December visit. I even bought his daughter a few things.
    Don't get me wrong, I love giving, but he turned around and treated us all like dirt when he got back home. He has some serious mental issues.
    Yea, stairway to NEVER!!!

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    Re: The Driftwood

    So I wonder if I wrtie four more posts if I become a regular 1st stringer.

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    Re: The Driftwood

    Hope the bullroast is a huge success this weekend Johnny. Wish we could be there, but we have a lot going on with Jer's Mom and getting back out to Ohio. I'm sure Rob will take lots of pictures.

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    Re: The Driftwood

    Here's my 99th post

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    Re: The Driftwood

    Okay #100. I should make it to 1st stringer. Woo Hoo

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    Re: The Driftwood

    Yeahhhhh, I'm a 1st stringer.

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    Re: The Driftwood

    no Kat, you are now a REGULAR FIRST STRINGER!!! I got a long way to go.

    Yes, sorry you can't make it, but family always comes first. We are looking for a crowd of about 450, and I can't wait to eat some pit beef and suck down some oysters!

    You seem to be a very caring and giving person but sadly, the exact person that someone like Net would take advantage of. GET BACK IN YOUR ARIZONA TRAILER AND COUNT YOUR TEEF! I hate to be that way, but I've read all the crap and it's very sad and junior high school stuff. Consider yourself lucky you didn't lend him any money!

    I got to keep posting to get to my FIRST STRINGER STATUS!

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    Re: The Driftwood

    Morning Ravens Family,

    Kat...Congrats on your Regular 1st String status :ww:

    "You know who" sent me a Fox mail and said I owed him $50.00 for the Suggs jersey a few weeks after our get-together in Dec. I asked him to send me his address, and I would send him a check for it....he never sent it. A week after that I asked again to send it to me. His reply??...."I changed my mind, so keep the jersey"... Jeckle & Hyde?....looks that way to me!

    7's...IMO, I would send it back, but of course it's your decision.

    Yad....thanks for the compliment about Linda and me. What a guy!!

    GO RAVENS!!!

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    Re: The Driftwood

    Thanks Johnny. I have always tried to be a caring person. These guys in my Ravens family have made it very easy for me. They are all the best. Can't wait for you to meet everyone. You'll meet Rob and his GF Linda this weekend. Great people.
    You are right about Net. He must be bi-polar or something because no one could forget what they have said in the past like he does.
    Rob - I remember right after the December get together he made a comment about the money on Fox and then turned around and said never mind, consider it a gift! Are you telling me he sent you a foxmail just a few weeks ago asking for it? if that is the case, he really is a freaking nutcase. Sad thing is, I don't think he even knows he's crazy. LOL
    I'd send him the damn money and be over with it. Here is his information:
    Brian Gilroy
    1612 W. Palomino Drive, Chandler AZ 85224-2208

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    Re: The Driftwood

    FYI all - Rob is sending the package back to him tomorrow! Maybe he'll "get" it then...but probably not. LMAO

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    Re: The Driftwood

    19 - Looking forward to the rain. I just put down some crab grass preventer and lawn food, so I need some rain.
    Net brought Tamales, to our get together we had for him. I tried a couple bites but did not like them. But, unlike him I did not trash his food like he did my wife's crabcakes she made for him and his daughter: when irritated he liked to call me bobbins...

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    1/14/2011 11:26:11 AM
    hahahahahah! bobins is the KING of losers!

    now go and eat one of those lousy crab cakes you think are so good and start reminiscing about what 'could have been

    KAT - CONGRATULATIONS :ww: Speech, speech!!! :ww:

    Also, thoughts and prayers to for Jer's Mom and all the family!!!

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    Re: The Driftwood

    KAT/Rob - I must have been pasting and typing while you guys were on.

    Rob - You are welcome and very deserving. But, your job this weekend is to get that
    19 dude to show up at one of our get togethers. Use force if necessary!! Whatever it takes, you have the Prez's permission!!! I want to meet that guy!!!

    KAT - I felt pretty sure 777 would do that. It is the RAVEN/Archer way!!! He was brought up real real good. Almost a Ferndale boy to boot. Good "teef" too!!


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