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Thread: Time to panic?

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    Time to panic?

    Jake Plummer is killing me. I drafted QB late, in hindsight, a bad decision.

    This season in my system he has scored -6 and 1.

    I have Pennington and also Brad Johnson. Pennington has been a good fantasy QB so far: 17 and 19 in my system. He threw only one INT this week on a last second Hail Mary.

    The fans are booing Plummer and they face the Patsies in week 3. I'm inclined to put Pennington in against the Bills on the road.

    Watch'all think? Drop Plummer? Fill other spots in my roster?

    System is 12 team 16 players, team DST, usual scoring system.
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  2. Re: Time to panic?

    Ive got the same problem, I drafted Bledsoe and Plummer, both qb's on the bubble of being sat down. I picked up Pennington as insurance for either one, and he has being doing awesome fantasy sports wise. He may be my started next week.

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    Re: Time to panic?

    I would drop Plummer and stick w/ Pennington & Johnson. If you pick up a player (non-QB) for Plummer you can always drop him for a QB that might have a good matchup that week. Look at what Grossman did yesterday.

    I have DelHomme as a backup and might drop him soon if Steve Smith does not return. I have Peyton Manning as the starter and that's a no brainer every week except on bye-weeks.


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    Re: Time to panic?

    I'm with fanman. Plummer isn't going anywhere pretty this season. Pennington's solid, I'd go with him and use Johnson as the backup unless the vikings are playing some wretched defense and the Jets have the pats or something.

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    Re: Time to panic?

    I agree, drop Plummer pick up someone else at another position.

    For me, I drafted Drew Brees and David Carr very very late in the draft. I have been fortunate so far.

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    Re: Time to panic?

    Drop Plummer now. He sucks. Any confidence built from last season is gone and he's prone to self destruct at any point. Pennington is a far better bet and Johnson looks good too.

    I just picked up Pennington as my back up (McNabb is starter) and am very comfortable with the thought of starting him if needs be this year.

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    Re: Time to panic?

    Remember Frisman Jackson? No? He was a WR for the Browns last year that had a couple great games to start the season and set FF waiver wires on fire, then was never heard from again. Don't make the same mistake with guys like Pennington and Grossman.

    Do NOT drop Plummer after two games. Period. You are a fool if you do. Like I said in the other thread, the worst thing you can do is drop a player you drafted because of early struggles.
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    Re: Time to panic?

    Don't panic this early. I find myself in a similar situation in a few of my leagues. Some of my favorite QB choices were Culpepper and Delhomme, and there were a few where I found myself with Plummer or Bledsoe. Sadly, often both my starter and backup were from that list, or my backup was Roethlisberger or McNair, neither of which has produced much fantasy goodness so far.

    In most leagues where my QB situation was bad, I dropped my least valuable reserve for Rex Grossman or another guy who's been, well, not sucking, depending on who's out there. I did NOT drop either existing QB. In a couple of weeks, when we've seen whether the drafted QBs regain their form or go in the tank, and whether the darlings of the first two weeks cool off, then cut back to two QBs. If you didn't draft a heavy slate of early bye players, you should be okay using this strategy.


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