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    Preston's Report Card

    He calls Sam Koch a "weapon." I agree.

    Also, Dawan Landry, along with Demetrius Williams, has to be the steal of this past draft. Landry is a significant upgrade over Demps and has big time potential.
    It's a new season! It's a new day!

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    Re: Preston's Report Card

    Demps and has big time potential.

    Have to agree with that. 16 tackles in two games and that head-popper of a hit will make all the highlight reels.

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    Re: Preston's Report Card

    Fair enough assesment... But Fatboy still has to bring up Boller. Write about the team that was, not the team you wish we still had. ( And I say he wishes Boller was still in because Preston wants a bad team to write about.)
    Actual user comment from a yahoo sports article:

    On this given sunday you will witnesses why we'll called steeler nation!!!

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    Re: Preston's Report Card

    Wow, I actually agree with Preston. I need to get myself to the Doctors, stat!

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    Re: Preston's Report Card

    I disagree with the A for the special teams. Kicking and punting was great, but defending kickoff returns was a D-. 7 kick returns for an average of 29 yards each is ludicrous. They were starting from our 40 yard line most times.


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