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    Re: Why does Mcnair get a free pass?

    Quote Originally Posted by Greg View Post

    McNair is the better QB and option right now, but claiming Boller couldn't have done what McNair did against the Browns is a load of crap. He did it against the Texans.
    I haven't said whether or not boller could do the same as Mcnair did but since you brought it up this is what I believe.

    Last year on the road, after the so called "light" went on for boller, The ravens go into cleveland and with the game on the line boller throws a pick to end all hope of his progression. Thinking Boller can't do it is not a load of crap because he has never shown that he can but you know what is crap, this raw deal mcnair is getting from so called fans who think Mcnair is the better option but in the same breath say that Boller could do the same work. That is ludicrous and as you say CRAP.

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    Re: Why does Mcnair get a free pass?

    On the other hand, had it not been for the mediocre QB play for 3/4ths of the game, trailing 3-14 after many passes in the dirt and over the heads or behind the receivers, there would have been no need for the dramatic comeback.

    Had the defense not given up 14 points in the second quarter and let Frye make them look like chumps then we would have won 3-0...

    Using what ifs to make a point is silly. Only one thing actually DID happen so lets try to stick with reality.

    Also, I will go on record (since it seems we are keeping score) and join Crazy as one who is willing to give Mac a few free passes because of who he is and what he has done.

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    Re: Why does Mcnair get a free pass?

    The ravens go into cleveland and with the game on the line boller throws a pick to end all hope of his progression.

    (:25) (Shotgun) K.Boller pass to M.Clayton for 6 yards, TOUCHDOWN NULLIFIED by Penalty. PENALTY on BLT-J.Ogden, Ineligible Downfield Pass, 5 yards, enforced at CLV 6 - No Play.

    Guess that didn't play a factor in that loss at all.

    (12:54) (Field Goal formation) D.Zastudil Aborted. M.Katula FUMBLES at CLV 16, recovered by BLT-D.Zastudil at CLV 15. D.Zastudil to CLV 17 for -2 yards (L.Bodden). FUMBLES (L.Bodden), RECOVERED by CLV-J.Parker at CLV 17.

    How come Boller didn't get charged with that? Had to be his fault.

    (13:11) K.Boller pass to D.Mason to CLV 46 for 18 yards (D.McCutcheon).
    PENALTY on BLT-O.Mughelli, Illegal Use of Hands, 10 yards, enforced at BLT 36 - No Play.

    Had no bearing on the game.

    But no, let's focus on Boller throwing an interception on 4th and 20, and ONLY on that. Because after all, he's the only one who made any real mistakes in the game. Nevermind we win that game without Ogden's penalty as well.

    I will not give McNair a free pass. Because as someone who was touted as our savior, and who is supposed to be THAT MUCH better than Boller (which after 12 years, he better be), he should be able to walk in here and lay the smackdown on the opposing defenses. All that beating the blitz, all that no more 8 men in the box. All these touchdowns we're supposed to be scoring in the redzone instead of field goals.

    When I start seeing those, then I'll stop bitching about the offense. In the meantime, I am just a bit nervous about tomorrow's game.

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    Re: Why does Mcnair get a free pass?

    We lost that game in Cleveland Stinger and it was largely because of Boller--and I have to say its a far better example then the Texan game for a number of reasons.

    Mobtown is 100% correct. You guys deal with too many IF's.

    If boller did this then what.
    If Mcnair screws up then what.
    If the defense let us down then what.
    If stover misses the fg then what.
    If the WR caught a the ball then what.
    If Ray Lewis doesn't have a DMVP year then what.
    If the FO spent money on the OL instead of Mcnair then what

    If you are going to wonder, wouldn't you wonder why the FO went after Mcnair and forced Boller to sit? Nick-pick or conjure up any kind of scenario you wish. The truth of the matter is when Boller was asked to get us a win he never did it when it counted. This is why we have Mcnair starting for us and there are no ifs and's or buts about it.

    Anyway its Sunday Lets hope for a win.

    and as always



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