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McNair is the better QB and option right now, but claiming Boller couldn't have done what McNair did against the Browns is a load of crap. He did it against the Texans.
I haven't said whether or not boller could do the same as Mcnair did but since you brought it up this is what I believe.

Last year on the road, after the so called "light" went on for boller, The ravens go into cleveland and with the game on the line boller throws a pick to end all hope of his progression. Thinking Boller can't do it is not a load of crap because he has never shown that he can but you know what is crap, this raw deal mcnair is getting from so called fans who think Mcnair is the better option but in the same breath say that Boller could do the same work. That is ludicrous and as you say CRAP.