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    Re: NFL suspends Pacman Jones, Bengals' Henry

    Quote Originally Posted by Khaine View Post
    Golly... that would be too bad...

    Is it bad foe me to hope a big chunk of them are suspended for the Monday night opener?
    I was pretty much thinking the same thing, but I want to beat the bums at full strength

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    Re: NFL suspends Pacman Jones, Bengals' Henry

    I don't get it with some people, they say I want to beat them at full strenth.

    Why does it matter. A win is a win is a win.

    At the end of week 17 does it count more if you beat a team that had all its players vs. a team that had injuries or a sick qb, or suspensions? Hell no I want my team to win, I dont care if the other team isn't 100%. I don't condone cheating but what's the big deal if a team is not at full strength.

    Do you think after a win McNair goes over to ray Lewis' locker and asks him why he is so sad. and Rays responds well im glad we beat the bengals but I would just feel better about it if Chris henry played.

    I don't get it...

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    Re: NFL suspends Pacman Jones, Bengals' Henry

    I was hoping they are playing with their 3rd string guys because all their starters are suspended...

    I don't care who it is it just brings a smile to my face to see anyone in a Stupid Orange Helmet (striped or no stripes) get pummeled.
    Keeping the purple flowing way out on the West Coast!


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