While we call it pick 5 the rules are this, you must pick 80 games (that is 5 over 16 weeks which gives you an allowance to miss a week). You can pick 6 or 7 in a week you like or 2-3 in a week you don't like and make them up later. You must pick at least 8 games in the last 2 weeks, though. This is to keep you in the game to the end. You can pick MORE than 80 if you wish.

Please do not quote this post or add anything other than your picks. Also, please turn off your signature. It is easier to record the picks into the software if there isn't a bunch of ancillary stuff posted.
Carolina at Pittsburgh -14

Christmas Night
Dallas at Arizona +6.5

Detroit at Miami -3.5
Minnesota at Philadelphia -4.5
Washington at Jacksonville -7
San Francisco at St. Louis -2.5
Seattle at Tampa Bay -6
New England at Buffalo +7.5
NY Jets at Chicago -1
Baltimore at Cleveland +3.5
Tennessee at Kansas City -5
Indianapolis at Oakland +3
Houston at Denver +3
NY Giants at Green Bay -2.5
San Diego at Cincinnati +7.5
New Orleans at Atlanta -2.5