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    Re: The Good And The Bad

    The Good:

    1) C-Mac prevented Moss from being a factor Sunday
    2) HEAVY HITTERS on defense were explosive...helmets spontaneously combusting off the heads of our opponents and all!!
    3) Bart Scott and A.D. are two unbridled STUDS...
    4) Stover and Koch punching their tickets to Hawaii?
    5) Ray Lewis may be the best defensive player I've ever seen...Never cease to be amazed by his dominance on a football field...
    6) The Ravens crowd once again held it's own...

    The Bad:

    1) Our offense was OFFENSIVE in a deodorant commercial sort of way...P.U.!!!
    2) Still haven't identified a legit deep threat yet...(Moore is less, IMHO)
    3) If I had a dollar for every ridiculous penalty we commit...I'd have my own skybox by now...
    4) Is J.O. OK?

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    Re: The Good And The Bad

    agree, agree, agree. I really liked the Koch punt that Prude 'fair catched' at the five, in the third quarter; that led to the safety. I haven't heard anyone mention that catch; wow.
    the D is definitely championship caliber. and like everyone else, I'm sick of the O. six, seven years of this.
    As long as the O can crank out a couple of drives for 10 points or so, AND NOT TURN THE BALL OVER, this team can make the playoffs, but then they'll need to step it up.
    One real good thing about the McNair era; only 1 turnover in two games. that alone marks an improvement.
    here's hoping the O-line gels and McNair makes plays as he gets more comfortable. I wonder if his arm hurt, on some of those throws. hate to admit it, but the Raider's Walter was the best qb on the field yesterday.
    The Ravens are deep at WR at RB; what can we call Jamal/Mike/Musa? how about JaMiSa? this may be the best three-deep corps in the league.

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    Re: The Good And The Bad

    Quote Originally Posted by sailorsam View Post
    hate to admit it, but the Raider's Walter was the best qb on the field yesterday.
    Let's not get carried away. Although the CBS announcers seemed to think Walter was the player of the day, he was 10 for 27 with three picks and no TDs. McNair had a poor game but he sure was better than that.

    Then again, McNair didn't have to play against our D.

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    Re: The Good And The Bad

    The biggest difference in my mind between last year's season finale and this seasons game facing the Browns is Steve McNair. Although he is struggling to some degree, he still has alot of composure and it translates to his team mates. Are there wrinkles for him to iron out? No doubt, but when he is on, like the first drive against Tampa he can be very effective and keep the chains moving.

    His touch pass to Heap for a TD hasn't been seen in these parts for quite some time! I know I am drinking the SM cool aid. But he will improve and at some point carry this team on his back. He does it every year in his career. Its kind of scary when you think that he is only going to get better and more effecient along with this tenacious defense!


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