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  1. Schedule NOT being released on Thursday

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    Re: Schedule NOT being released on Thursday

    I need to know when to plan my San Diego trip!
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    Re: Schedule NOT being released on Thursday

    The NFL designs its regular-season schedule without using computers and the process, given the longstanding priority on maintaining competitive balance, is an arduous task.
    In the year 2007 I find this statement absurd! :insane:

    There are many computer programs that can sove multiple linear expressions and include 'rules' to lock out certain scenarios. Hell, you can even do this yourself by using the "Solver" function in Microsoft Excel.

    Given that they want to "maintain competitive balance", by doing it by hand they have failed miserably many times in this respect. Not only wiht respect to the Ravens for all of the conspiracy theorists, but many other teams. If I am not mistaken the Colts had to play 3 consecutive away games including a short week about 3 years ago.

    These people are "STOOPID", hell with all of the money they have I will do it for them for a few $$$$$. And, do a better job.
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