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    Preseason Schedule announced

    From the article on

    Aug. 13 TBD Philadelphia Eagles M&T Bank Stadium
    Aug. 19 8:00 p.m. New York Giants M&T Bank Stadium
    Aug. 24-26 TBD Washington Redskins FedEx Field
    Aug. 31 7:30 p.m. Atlanta Falcons Georgia Dome

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    Re: Preseason Schedule announced

    Thanks for the info. The dates, times and home and away are more important than the actual teams, since we play the same ones pretty much every year.

    Pre-season is scheduled to provide teams with out of division opponents that have the closest proximity. Owners have a large say in who gets scheduled. For instance we play the Giants every year because the Modell family are good friends with the Mara family. The Skins and Eagles make geographic sense.

    And as to why we play the Falcons (over say...Carolina) every year I'm not sure, especially after the AD-Vick incident and Vicks subsequent Fraid-Cat performances. Bisciotti or Modell could be friends with the Blank family or maybe both teams feel like it is a good match-up to for our D to play Vick and for Vick to play our D in preparation for the seaosn.

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    The ravens website says we are playing Monday and Sunday night. But the says MNF aug 13th is denver at san fran???

    Preason games suck enough that we have to pay full price for them anyway, but to make them on a monday night and a sunday night? thats $200 down the drain.
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    Re: Preseason Schedule announced

    The Sun's article on the preseason schedule also says the regular season schedule comes out on Thursday.

    Sun's story on preseason
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    Re: Preseason Schedule announced

    Sometimes you will still play on Mondays in Preseason w/o it being MNF. See cancelled game at the Vet in 2001. That is the only day we can play at home that weekend due to the O's having a home series.

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    Re: Preseason Schedule announced

    I think that Steve B. and the Falcons owner must be close.

    A lot of times the owners will setup the games w/ their buddies.
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