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  1. No Mercy for Da Raiders!!!!

    I know that everyone knows this, but we need to kick them while they're down! If we take them for granted and allow them some mercy, we will NOT make the playoffs They are a VERY, BAD, BAD team And just think, some people in Baltimore wanted Aaron Brooks Just had to get that off my chest:D

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    Here's what their saying behind enemy lines.

    It isn't going to be easy, Jordan said. The Ravens are fresh from a shutout road victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, middle linebacker Ray Lewis and free safety Ed Reed are healthy once again, they are at home, and they are more rested than the Raiders, who played Monday.

    ``It's their home opener and, me being from that area, I know what Ravens football is on opening day,'' said Jordan, native of Suitland, Md. ``That defense, those fans, they're going to come out fired up. If we don't match their speed, match their intensity, it's going to be ugly out there. It's going to be real ugly out there.''

    Some interesting reading.
    Lets not disappoint them when we get downtown.:hammer:

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    Re: No Mercy for Da Raiders!!!!

    It's time to take "Da Raiders" to the school of:

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    Re: No Mercy for Da Raiders!!!!

    It is time to show that last week is the new norm....NOT the exception!!


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