Met up last night with Paul, Dave Chris and Ben who had just flown in from the UK to see the game.

Representing the US (as best we could) was me, Greg, camden and FellPoint as well as our drivers umm..sig others.

Despite jet lag and being accosted by two 'hons' with most of their wobbly bits on display (intentionally or unintentionally - not sure), we kept them up until 1:30 our time (6:30AM for them) drinking some fine beers in Max's on Broadway which it seems Fells Point owns. Actually 1:30 is when I bailed - they may all still be up.

Previous to that we dined at G&M Crabcakes in Linthicum which was good. Crabcakes the size of pluto. Good food and plenty of malt based beverages.

Sadly my photographic skills have declined over the years - that means I forgot my camera.

If you have a chance to come over to lot J before the game, the four of them will be tailgating with the usual gang.